How and Where Do I Start

Therefore you need to put yourself out there and interact with people by being genuinely interested in that person and equally displaying the passion and excitement you have about your art. This excitement will then transverse into the other person and change their attitude positively towards your art.

With this in mind, to start selling art, you can start by contacting your local community councils and find out about art fairs, markets going on in your local area. This way you can showcase your art to people looking to buy art in your local area.

You could put up your paintings in cafes, restaurants etc but this is usually is a waste of time and energy and very importantly you will not get the opportunity to talk about your art.

So use the Art fairs and festivals to not only sell your art to as a way of improving your selling skills. But remember to talk to people about them and be genuinely interested in them.

Ultimately the person buying your art has to feel good about themselves and this comes about by “feeling good” about you.

Do not be one of those artists you have a stall and just sit around expecting people to automatically buy their art. No you must interact and show an interest in other people.

I cannot overemphasis this strategy. People buy from someone they trust and therefore this is where your organisational skills will come into play.

It is paramount that you build a database of all the people you come into contact with.

Always carry around with you your business card and a booklet where you can take down contact details and their cards. Transfer these details onto a database where you can then start to build a relationship by communicating via email, direct mail or social media.

You could tell your readers about your art events and exhibitions, happenings in the art world, your work in progress etc.

You could prepare a video of yourself preparing a painting and this could be put onto You Tube, converted into a DVD for distribution and put onto your blog. Preparing videos is not expensive nowadays.

It is crucial that you get your pricing right. When you start off, keep your prices at the impulse buyer level for your area.

Once someone has bought one piece, then you could promote to them the your more expensive art pieces.

Local newspapers and magazines are always looking for things to put into their paper/magazine. Offer them the opportunity to do an article on you and your art. Tell them about what inspires you, your views on your local community, something about what is happening in the art world, your thoughts about the local people etc and this would create great reading material.


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