Finding the Best Fine Art to Buy

Many people would think that you could not buy a piece of work that you have personally commissioned, that is collectible and worthy of being in an art collection. If you know where to look this could not be further from the truth. Here is one example. John Dronsfield has worked as an artist in various roles all his life and has lived in the England and New Zealand. His work is vibrant and eye catching and always has a story to tell. He has a style that uses colour in a way that brings his work to life and creates an energy that makes the viewer’s smile and feel good.

Johns work is collectible in its own right, however he has a range of paintings that he did several years ago which he no longer paints other than by commission. The paintings are on toast; yes you read that right, toast! Several years ago he researched and developed a method that allowed him to paint on toast without using preservatives or impregnating the bread in any way. The paintings are painted on the toast and presented in a boxed frame.

For between three to four hundred pounds you can get a unique piece of art of your choice to add to your collection. This is not a unique situation; there are other artists that produce art that is unique, affordable and collectible. The important thing you need to do is research. There are many artists that produce what could be called wacky art at affordable prices. So the first question is; do you like it? If yes it is worth doing more research. The reason I chose John Dronsfields work is that in addition to liking his work on toast he had a good background and his artistic ability is of a high standard. Whether he is painting a landscape or an intricate design his ability shines through. The lesson to be learned is to research the artist and his work, talk to the dealer, gallery owner and/or the artist themselves to find out more.

There is one more point that you should bear in mind when getting a commissioned piece of art work produced, “Is it interesting and an appeal to the general public.” You will see advertisements for artists to do a commissioned piece of work of pets or your family. These may be appealing and will have sentimental value but are not likely to gain much in monetary value. This is obviously not set in stone as you could go and get an established artist whose work is desirable to collectors and it may increase in value over time. The rules shown in this article are to show how you can start a collection without a large cash layout of thousands of pounds.

The next area of investment I would like to show you is the higher priced art that you feel you cannot afford. Obviously we all cannot go out and by an original by Picasso, although we may aspire to doing so. I am really talking about some of the paintings by artists that will sell for over a thousand pounds up to say ten thousand pounds for an original artist. You may not be able to afford an original painting of this price but with a little research you can still benefit from these pieces of art that art appreciating in value at the present moment.

For an example of this type of purchase I would like to use an artist called Dean Entwistle. At the time of writing Dean Entwistles original Watercolours were selling for between four to eight thousand pounds and are appreciating in value as we speak. His work is stunning to look at and sets a room alight with their presence in the room and is a great addition to any collection. If you cannot afford the original your collection does not need to end there.

Many people would say do not buy limited edition prints, but that is not the best advice you can be given. If you buy a limited addition print of a run of several hundred or thousands then it would not be worth the paper it is printed on in the long run. The reason I chose Dean Entwistle as an example is because his limited edition print runs are of one hundred prints. So that means the in the future the prints are going to be more rare. That alone is not good enough warrant buying a limited edition print.

You need to do your research again and find out about the artist and his past history at selling limited edition prints. Looking at Entwistle you will see that in the last two years his limited edition prints have doubled in value. In addition to that his latest watercolour painting was selected from thousand to be exhibited at the Royal Watercolour Society, Bankside Gallery, London. All this is good provenance and makes it more likely that the limited edition print will gain in value. Although you may not be able to afford an original painting you may be able to purchase a collectible print. The lesson to learn is to do your research into the artist.


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