College Student Jobs

If you’re looking for college student jobs, I’d strongly recommend you not to bother. There are much easier ways to make money and this article will help you get right on that track. Not only that, you’ll be learning a skill that can be used at any time in the future.

Here’s the situation. You go to university with the hope of studying (along with some enjoyment) only to find you must find a job to support yourself. This was the case when I was at college. My friends found college student jobs at fast food outlets and various bars. Heck, one even went to do night shift at a bakery. Needles to say, he failed his second year and had to do it again.

I was the only one who had not found a job. Scratching my head, I thought there must be a better way of making money than earning a few bucks working down the mall on a Saturday afternoon. Working for a pittance is just not my style!

It was then while surfing the net that I came across a site called “Wealthy Affiliate”, a tutorial site on how to make money via the web. I’d always been a bit suspicious of the “making money online” thing. My friends said I wouldn’t make a dime and I’d get more money by selling coke cans for recycling and the like, but with a subscription of only $29.99 a month and a money back guarantee, I thought I’d give it a try for one month.

It didn’t take me long to find this site was not one of your usual get rich quick sites. This was more like a university of affiliate marketing; abound with tutorials, marketing tools, a forum with posts from many experienced members and a tool to make websites in a snap.

I felt such a rush of excitement at the thought of actually making a living out of this, I light a cigarette and got on with learning. I’ll not tell a lie, there’s a fair amount to learn to become successful but within a couple of months if you’re of average intelligence you can easily be making $70 a day. This is how things started out for me. After a bit of patience and more than a few nights staying in I was well on my way to becoming financially self sufficient.

The Wealthy Affiliate site mainly centers on the most effective advertising setup in the world. That being the one and only “Google Adwords”. You may not have realized it but those ads on the right hand side of your search can be a little goldmine!

The second method and a real favourite of mine is Article Marketing. Like Adwords, this can bring in huge amounts of targeted traffic which means more money in the bank for you. The fact that you’re reading this is proof article marketing works!

After a bit of work and dedication the sky’s honestly the limit. In the Wealthy Affiliate forums you can find beginners making $100, $200 a day. This is surprisingly common. After only three months from joining one guy is now on $700 a day! Now, not even I am doing that well but I’m aiming for it and I’m well on the way to getting there

This beats any low paid student job, any day. College student jobs are a thing of the past for me. They can be for you. Like me, you’ll probably end up making a career of it. Sure beats working!


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